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Restructuring, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Legal Alerts

Restructuring, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Legal Alerts 1 - 13 of 13
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 11/27/2017
The Effort to Adopt a Uniform Receivership Law
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 1/18/2017
A Secured Lender Must Receive Default Interest Under a Chapter 11 Plan Purporting to Cure a Defaulted Loan in the Ninth Circuit
A recent Ninth Circuit decision overturned earlier case law allowing debtors to avoid paying default interest when a defaulted loan was "cured" through a confirmed plan of reorganization.
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 5/20/2016
Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel Holds that an Oversecured Creditor Is Entitled to Default Interest After the Petition Date and Before Plan Confirmation
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 6/12/2015
Supreme Court Reaffirms the Inability of a Chapter 7 Debtor to Strip a Lien
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 11/20/2014
An Appeal of a Bankruptcy Sale Order May Be Moot Regardless of Whether the Seller Actually Had the Authority to Sell the Assets
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 9/4/2014
Is there a Serious Threat to a Secured Creditor's Right to Credit Bid at Bankruptcy Sales, or Is the Impact of Recent Cases Narrower?
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 8/15/2014
How Remote is Bankruptcy Remote? Is an Operating Agreement Restriction Against a Bankruptcy Filing Without the Unanimous Consent of All Members Enforceable?
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 7/3/2013
A Safe-Harbor from Preference Liability: Settlement Payments from Securities Transactions under Bankruptcy Code Section 546(e)
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 5/22/2013
Lenders Beware: Debt Can Now Be Recharacterized as Equity in the Ninth Circuit
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 7/20/2012
"Who is going to pay for this?"
California Court of Appeal Highlights Receiver Compensation Issues

Allen Matkins Legal Alert 2/1/2012
Recent Seventh and Ninth Circuit Cases Affect Federal Equity Receiverships
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 8/17/2011
California Superior Court Invalidates Receiver’s Sale of Real Property Holding That the Sale of Collateral Over the Objection of the Borrower is Tantamount to Foreclosure
This alert applies to secured lenders and court-appointed real property receivers considering the disposition of receivership estate property by receiver’s sale.
Real Estate Legal Alert 4/8/2009
Will Your Letters of Credit Be Honored? FDIC Warns It Will Not Honor Letters of Credit Issued by Banks In Receivership
Restructuring, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Legal Alerts 1 - 13 of 13