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Land Use & Development Legal Alerts

Land Use & Development Legal Alerts 1 - 25 of 69
Legal Alert 12/1/2017
OPR Releases Comprehensive Package of Proposed Amendments to CEQA Guidelines
Legal Alert 10/2/2017
Governor Signs Package of Bills to Tackle California Housing Crisis
Legal Alert 7/20/2017
California Supreme Court Reverses Court of Appeal Decision to Invalidate SANDAG's Regional Transportation Plan EIR for its GHG Impacts Analysis
Legal Alert 7/11/2017
California Supreme Court Rules Homeowners Forfeited Right to Challenge Coastal Development Permit Conditions By Undertaking Work Authorized By Permit
Legal Alert 9/29/2016
California Governor Signs Four Bills Affecting Density Bonus Projects
Legal Alert 9/23/2016
California Supreme Court Rejects "New Project" Test for Modifications to Previously Approved Projects
Legal Alert 2/25/2016
DWR Makes Progress in SGMA Implementation by Releasing Draft Regulations for Groundwater Sustainability Plans
Legal Alert 12/18/2015
California Supreme Court Rejects Mandatory "Reverse CEQA" Analysis
Legal Alert 11/19/2015
San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board Amends Regional MS4 Permit to Provide Alternate Compliance, Define Prior Lawful Approval of Development Projects, and Extend BMP Design Manual Deadline
Authored by Kathryn Horning while an attorney at Allen Matkins, currently serving as Director - Corporate Counsel/Legal Operations Group at California American Water
Legal Alert 10/13/2015
Governor Brown Authorizes Streamlined Groundwater Basin Adjudications and Private Party Participation Under Sustainable Groundwater Management Act
Legal Alert 9/1/2015
City Ordered to Refund $10.5 Million in Beach Parking Fees
Legal Alert 8/27/2015
OPR Releases Preliminary Discussion Draft of CEQA Guidelines Amendments for Public Comments
Legal Alert 8/4/2015
State Agencies Cannot Declare Mitigation of Project Impacts Infeasible Based Solely on the Lack of Legislative Appropriations
Authored by Mark J. Hattam, currently serving as as General Counsel at the San Diego County Water Authority, and Kathryn Horning, currently serving as Director - Corporate Counsel/Legal Operations Group at California American Water, while attorneys at Allen Matkins
Legal Alert 6/15/2015
California Supreme Court Upholds Inclusionary Housing Ordinance as Valid Exercise of Police Power
Legal Alert 3/2/2015
Berkeley Hillside: New Supreme Court decision defines limits of CEQA exemption challenges to development
Legal Alert 9/30/2014
AB 2222 Restricts Use of State Density Bonus Law
Legal Alert 8/18/2014
Draft CEQA Guidelines Would Dramatically Alter Analysis of Transportation Impacts Under SB 743
Legal Alert 8/11/2014
The California Supreme Court Further Limits the Scope of CEQA Review for Voter-Sponsored Initiatives in Tuolumne Jobs & Small Business Alliance v. Superior Court
Legal Alert 7/18/2013
New Decision Helps Multifamily Developers by Striking Down a Restrictive Local Ordinance
Court Finds Napa County's Ordinance Conflicts with California's Density Bonus Law
Legal Alert 6/26/2013
US Supreme Court Limits Governmental Power to Impose Conditions on New Development
Legal Alert 6/18/2013
Appellate Court Ruling Significantly Increases the Likelihood of New Affordable Housing Requirements in California
Legal Alert 5/6/2013
Prevailing Wages: Beware of Fee Waivers Even When They are Not Waived
Legal Alert 4/8/2013
Certain Residential Developments Exempt from CEQA Review: Greenhouse Gas Emission Issues Do Not Constitute New Information
Legal Alert 9/21/2012
Coalition for Clean Air: Filing an NOE Before Project Approval Does Not Trigger CEQA's 35-Day Statute of Limitations
Legal Alert 7/6/2012
California Supreme Court Rules that Prevailing Wage Laws Do Not Apply to Charter Cities
Land Use & Development Legal Alerts 1 - 25 of 69