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Legal Alert 2/22/2018
Action Required: Deadline Approaches for Installation of Water-Conserving Plumbing Fixtures in Commercial and Multifamily Properties
Legal Alert 1/31/2018
4 Ways the Federal Tax Overhaul Affects Commercial Real Estate
Legal Alert 1/30/2018
UPDATE: California Natural Resources Agency Commences CEQA Guidelines Amendments Rulemaking
Legal Alert 1/18/2018
California Supreme Court Affirms SB800 as Sole Remedy for Construction Defect Claims without Personal Injury
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 12/5/2017
2018 Labor & Employment Law Update for California Employers
Legal Alert 12/1/2017
OPR Releases Comprehensive Package of Proposed Amendments to CEQA Guidelines
Legal Alert 11/27/2017
The Effort to Adopt a Uniform Receivership Law
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 10/24/2017
New Laws Prohibit Employers from Inquiring into Applicants' Criminal Convictions and Salary Histories
Legal Alert 10/17/2017
California Building Owners and Contractors: Act before January 1, 2018, to Minimize Risks of Non-Paying Subcontractors
Legal Alert 10/2/2017
Governor Signs Package of Bills to Tackle California Housing Crisis
Legal Alert 9/21/2017
Unfair Competition in FinTech: A Familiar Problem for an Emerging Industry
Originally published in FinTech Weekly
Legal Alert 9/21/2017
Top 10 Takeaways from the 2017 Allen Matkins View From the Top
Legal Alert 9/6/2017
What California Businesses Can Learn From Hurricane Harvey
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 8/31/2017
Employers' Questions Answered: San Francisco's Lactation in the Workplace Ordinance
Legal Alert 8/9/2017
California Supreme Court Issues Critical Opinion Regarding Structure and Language of Contractual Attorneys' Fees Provisions
Legal Alert 7/20/2017
California Supreme Court Reverses Court of Appeal Decision to Invalidate SANDAG's Regional Transportation Plan EIR for its GHG Impacts Analysis
Legal Alert 7/11/2017
California Supreme Court Rules Homeowners Forfeited Right to Challenge Coastal Development Permit Conditions By Undertaking Work Authorized By Permit
Legal Alert 7/6/2017
California Court of Appeal Clarifies a Judgment Creditor's Right to Third Party Discovery in Aid of Enforcement of Judgment
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 6/7/2017
FEHA Regulations Amended Regarding Consideration of Criminal History in Employment Decisions
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 5/24/2017
California's "Day of Rest" Requirement
Legal Alert 3/31/2017
Implications of Energy Use Disclosure Law on California Real Estate Transactions
Legal Alert 3/9/2017
California Supreme Court Rules that Texts and Emails on Personal Devices May Be Considered Public Records
Legal Alert 3/8/2017
Single-User Toilet Facilities in Any Business Establishment, Place of Public Accommodation, or Government Agency Must Be Identified as All-Gender
Legal Alert 1/18/2017
A Secured Lender Must Receive Default Interest Under a Chapter 11 Plan Purporting to Cure a Defaulted Loan in the Ninth Circuit
A recent Ninth Circuit decision overturned earlier case law allowing debtors to avoid paying default interest when a defaulted loan was "cured" through a confirmed plan of reorganization.
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 1/3/2017
Los Angeles Fair Chance Initiative Restricts Criminal History Inquiries By Employers Effective January 22, 2017
Legal Alerts 1 - 25 of 298