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Legal Alert 3/31/2017
Implications of Energy Use Disclosure Law on California Real Estate Transactions
Legal Alert 3/9/2017
California Supreme Court Rules that Texts and Emails on Personal Devices May Be Considered Public Records
Legal Alert 3/8/2017
Single-User Toilet Facilities in Any Business Establishment, Place of Public Accommodation, or Government Agency Must Be Identified as All-Gender
Legal Alert 1/18/2017
A Secured Lender Must Receive Default Interest Under a Chapter 11 Plan Purporting to Cure a Defaulted Loan in the Ninth Circuit
A recent Ninth Circuit decision overturned earlier case law allowing debtors to avoid paying default interest when a defaulted loan was "cured" through a confirmed plan of reorganization.
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 1/3/2017
Los Angeles Fair Chance Initiative Restricts Criminal History Inquiries By Employers Effective January 22, 2017
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 12/19/2016
New California Employment Laws of Particular Interest to the Hospitality Industry
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 12/7/2016
2017 Labor & Employment Law Update for California Employers
Legal Alert 11/7/2016
SEC to Focus on Firms Hiring Those with Disciplinary History
Legal Alert 10/25/2016
Immediate Action Required: California Commercial Landlords Must Provide Accessibility Disclosures During Lease Negotiations
Legal Alert 10/13/2016
Five Holiday Season Tips for Retail Landlords
Legal Alert 10/3/2016
Top 10 Takeaways from the Ninth Annual Allen Matkins View From the Top
Global Capital, the U.S. Economy and West Coast Real Estate Market
Legal Alert 9/29/2016
California Governor Signs Four Bills Affecting Density Bonus Projects
Legal Alert 9/23/2016
California Supreme Court Rejects "New Project" Test for Modifications to Previously Approved Projects
Legal Alert 9/20/2016
Funds and Investment Advisers: Changes Coming in AML Compliance
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 8/30/2016
Ninth Circuit Strikes Down Class Action Waivers In Employment Arbitration Agreements
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 8/23/2016
Implementing Ordinance Clarifies San Diego's New Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 7/14/2016
UPDATE: San Diego's Expansion of Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 7/1/2016
New PAGA Amendments Intended To Help California Employers
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 6/15/2016
San Diego's Expansion of Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 6/15/2016
Los Angeles Employers Must Pay Higher Minimum Wages And Provide Expanded Paid Sick Leave
Legal Alert 5/31/2016
Important Wetlands Permitting News: U.S. Supreme Court Allows Pre-Permit Challenges to Approved Jurisdictional Determinations
Legal Alert 5/20/2016
Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel Holds that an Oversecured Creditor Is Entitled to Default Interest After the Petition Date and Before Plan Confirmation
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 4/26/2016
8 Things Employers Need to Know About San Francisco’s New Fully Paid Parental Leave Ordinance
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 4/25/2016
Court of Appeal Clarifies the FEHA Requires Reasonable Accommodations to Employees Who Are Associated With a Person with a Disability
Labor & Employment Legal Alert 4/18/2016
Immediate Action Required: California Employers Must Update Harassment and Discrimination Policies
Legal Alerts 1 - 25 of 200