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Start Preparing Today For Autonomous Driving

O'Malley M. Miller in (May 23, 2017) Developers are already asking for parking exemptions with the advent of new driving apps and public transit. According to O’Malley Miller, who recently joined Allen Matkins as a partner, he is working with his clients building in the densest parts of the city, and it is working. “Developers of multifamily housing, who I represent and who are building housing in Los Angeles, San Francisco and other dense urban environments, have always been required to build a certain number of parking spaces per bedroom,” says Miller. “Now, developers don’t want to build that many parking spaces because tenants do not want to rent them. The Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles—a very hip hotel—has zero parking spaces onsite. The bar and hotel is packed all of the time. People come by Uber or Lyft, or they park in a nearby lot and walk. Why should an adaptive reuse not be required to have parking when new ground-up construction is required to have tons of spaces? The answer is that you shouldn’t.”