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Summer Program FAQs

How long is the summer program?

Our summer program is 10 weeks long and usually begins in late May.

What are the hiring criteria for summer associates?

We look for students with outstanding academic records, excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Our goal is to hire students with a high level of maturity, good judgment, intellectual curiosity and a willingness to assume responsibility. We also look to hire students with well-rounded experience both in their scholastic and professional careers. Law review, journal and moot court as well as a student's extracurricular activities are also a factor.

How and when do I apply for the summer program?

We begin accepting summer program applications from second year law students in June.

We visit several law schools for on-campus interviews and participate in numerous job fairs and on-campus events beginning in July . Students at schools where we participate in on-campus interviews should submit resumes through their law school's Career Services Office. Meet us here. If we are not coming to your campus or collecting resumes from your law school, please submit your application, including cover letter, resume and transcripts here.

Our callback interviews are typically scheduled in August .

What should be expected at a callback interview?

Our interviews are scheduled for a half-day and you will have the opportunity to meet with several attorneys from different practice groups.

Will the firm reimburse travel expenses associated with the callback interview for out of town students?

Yes, reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed. If you are interviewing with more than one firm during your trip, we can host your travel and/or share the costs with those firm(s).

Does the firm allow split summers between Allen Matkins offices?

Yes, if you wish to spend time in more than one of our offices, you must spend all 10 weeks with Allen Matkins.

Does the firm allow splits with other firms?

We strongly discourage splitting the summer between Allen Matkins and another firm. A split summer generally does not permit enough time for you to become familiar with each office or for the attorneys and recruiting personnel in each office to become familiar with you and your work.

What is required of me in order to get an offer of employment?

We use the Allen Matkins summer program to fill our expected first year associate staffing needs. Our goal is to make full-time offers to summer associates whose work performance and personal characteristics demonstrate an ability to excel in our firm's environment. We encourage attorneys to provide you with feedback for all assigned projects, and conduct a mid-summer review to focus and improve your skills and performance for the remainder of the program.

What types of work assignments should I expect?

You will be given a variety of projects from the firm's different practice areas.

We assign you a mentor who is responsible for ensuring your broad exposure to our firm and the realities of practicing law. Work assignments include traditional legal research, drafting of memoranda, and preparation of transactional documents and pleadings.

You will also be invited to attend meetings and conferences with clients and opposing parties, court appearances and hearings, transactional closings, depositions and trials to expose you to the day-to-day work of the firm.