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Real Estate Cases To Watch In 2015: Midyear Update

Charles D. Jarrell in Law360

Law360 (July 1, 2015) From proposed class actions challenging energy pipeline rent deals with railroad companies to rumblings of disputes emerging from the market's construction boom, real estate experts have their eyes on several new founts of litigation in the second half of the year. The real estate market is currently seeing a frenzy of construction in several major cities, and there is a lot of prelitigation activity occurring over alleged deficiencies with new build outs or projects — at least some of which are likely to eventually make their way into court, according to Charles D. Jarrell, a Los Angeles litigation partner with Allen Matkins LLP “What we're seeing more of in the past six months or so are disputes arising out of construction in tenant office space,” Jarrell said, adding that there are also increasing numbers of disputes arising from lease deals. “Tenants are fighting over option rights, renewal rights and terms.”