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Are You Ready for the Next Downturn?
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 12/3/2018
Appellate Decision Underscores Title Review as Critical to Lien Priority
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 9/21/2017
Unfair Competition in FinTech: A Familiar Problem for an Emerging Industry
Originally published in FinTech Weekly
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 8/9/2017
California Supreme Court Issues Critical Opinion Regarding Structure and Language of Contractual Attorneys' Fees Provisions
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 7/6/2017
California Court of Appeal Clarifies a Judgment Creditor's Right to Third Party Discovery in Aid of Enforcement of Judgment
Real Estate Legal Alert 8/28/2015
McMillin Albany, LLC v. Superior Court Rejects Reasoning and Outcome of Liberty Mutual on SB800
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 6/12/2015
Supreme Court Reaffirms the Inability of a Chapter 7 Debtor to Strip a Lien
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 5/18/2015
Two Recent Decisions Potentially Expand Fraudulent Transfer Exposure in Ponzi Schemes
Real Estate Legal Alert 10/23/2014
Shopping Mall Owner Permitted to Sue Union Protesters for Trespass and Nuisance
Real Estate Legal Alert 9/3/2013
California Court of Appeal Opens the Door for Construction Defect Claims Outside of SB800
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 6/12/2013
Court Upholds Validity of Landmark Water Transfer Agreement Providing Greater Certainty to California's Water Supply
Real Estate Legal Alert 4/12/2013
Action Required by California Commercial Landlords: New California Law Goes Into Effect July 1, 2013, Requiring Accessibility Disclosures in Commercial Leases
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 9/27/2012
California Property and Business Owners Gain Protection from Predatory ADA Lawsuits
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 2/1/2012
Recent Seventh and Ninth Circuit Cases Affect Federal Equity Receiverships
articles 1/5/2012
Ruling Takes Insurers To Task For Untimely Responses
By Valentine S. Hoy and Timothy M. Hutter in Daily Journal
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 12/1/2011
California Court of Appeal Ruling on Insurance Coverage Issue Favors Policyholder: Tender Claims Early And Protect Your Right To A Complete Defense
This alert applies to companies facing litigation in which there may be insurance coverage.
Real Estate Legal Alert 11/17/2011
California Court of Appeal issued another decision invalidating an alternative dispute resolution provision in CC&Rs
This alert applies to any company that develops, constructs or sells residential housing in California.
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 8/17/2011
California Superior Court Invalidates Receiver’s Sale of Real Property Holding That the Sale of Collateral Over the Objection of the Borrower is Tantamount to Foreclosure
This alert applies to secured lenders and court-appointed real property receivers considering the disposition of receivership estate property by receiver’s sale.
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 7/11/2011
AT&T v. Concepcion Supreme Court Decision Upholds Agreements to Arbitrate and Avoid Class Actions
Allen Matkins Legal Alert 4/23/2007
You may have more parcels than you think! New cases are testing the legality of parcels created by older maps
Litigation Legal Alerts 1 - 20 of 20