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Elon Musk’s Big Transit Plans Are Precedent-Setting

Fernando Villa in GlobeSt

GlobeSt (September 6, 2018) The Boring Co. has announced preliminary plans to build an underground high-speed zero-emissions tunnel from the Eastside of Los Angeles to Dodger Stadium. The 3.5-mile project has plenty to get excited about: it would reduce the traffic to Dodger Stadium, the commute time to four minutes and carbon emissions in a city plagued by traffic and smog, all for about $1 per trip. The potential impacts are significant, but one of the most innovative things about the project is a private company leading a mass transit project in Los Angeles. If successful, the project could serve as a blueprint for more private-public partnerships, as we’ll call them, in Los Angeles, and potentially more innovation. “There have been various public-private partnerships, but in Los Angeles, I haven’t seen anything of this scale, complexity or cost with a private entity leading the charge,” Fernando Villa, a partner at Allen Matkins, tells “It is typically public agencies that lead the charge. This is a nice precedent-setting kind of project that could, if successful, be the blueprint for similar public-private partnerships.”