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Leasehold Rental Adjustments and Other Real Estate Valuations

Allen Matkins represents landlords and tenants in all types of lease disputes, which frequently turn on valuation issues.

We advise and represent clients in matters including: 

  • Purchase and sale 
  • Rent adjustment disputes 
    • Fair market rent 
    • Costs of failed landlord-tenant relationships 
    • Common area maintenance charges 
  • Fee disputes (particularly for large-scale development) 
  • Damage claims 
  • Breach of contract actions 
  • Unlawful detainers

Working with appraisers we specially choose for their expertise, we are able to establish valuations for a wide variety of properties, including: 

  • Retail properties 
  • Office properties 
  • Medical-office properties 
  • Industrial properties 
  • Residential properties 
  • Mobile home parks 
  • Conservation properties 
  • Vacant land with potential for development of all types, including commercial, industrial, residential and farm land.

These valuations lead to successfully negotiated solutions and, where necessary, successful litigation and arbitration outcomes. 

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