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Energy & Utilities

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Energy Finance

Allen Matkins advises clients on various federal, state and local tax incentives available for energy-related projects, including: 

  • Production tax credits available to wind-based energy projects 
  • Tax credits available to businesses that develop solar energy projects 
  • Tax deferral of gain available to sellers of qualifying electric utility properties 
  • Investment tax credits available to certain advanced, coal-based electricity generation technologies 
  • Bonus first-year depreciation deductions available to investments in cellulosic biomass ethanol plant property 
  • Private activity bonds available to qualified green building and sustainable design projects

We also advise clients with respect to state and local tax and other financial incentives, such as: 

  • Property tax incentives that allow taxpayers to exclude the value of certain solar energy systems from the taxpayer's property tax base 
  • The California Solar Initiative, which provides rebates to businesses, homebuilders and homeowners who install solar power systems 
  • The California Emerging Renewables Program, which provides rebates to grid-connected, small wind and fuel cell renewable energy, electric-generating systems
  • Local initiatives like the Santa Monica Green Building Program and the Pasadena Green Building Program