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Contaminated Sites and Superfund


Contaminated Sites

Allen Matkins counsels and represents clients in matters involving the management, disposal and cleanup of solid waste and hazardous wastes, substances and materials under a variety of laws, including: 

  • Federal environmental laws, including CERCLA and RCRA
  • California’s Health and Safety Code 
  • California’s nuisance, trespass and ultra-hazardous activity laws 

We also assist clients with cost recovery, contribution and damages actions in state and federal courts for soil and groundwater contamination under state and federal law (including CERCLA) and assist clients with civil penalty and criminal enforcement actions under California’s Health and Safety Code and federal RCRA.


We represent clients who have been named as responsible parties at federal Superfund sites, guiding them through a complex process that typically includes: 

  • Receipt of special notice letters and continues 
  • Unilateral administrative orders or administrative orders on consent
  • Remedial investigations 
  • Development of feasibility studies 
  • Remedy negotiation and selection 
  • Consent decrees
  • Cleanup 
  • Post-cleanup monitoring 
  • Delisting
  • Cost recovery and/or contribution litigation
  • Natural recourse damages claims

In addition, we represent clients in connection with unilateral administrative orders and administrative orders on consent under Section 106 of CERCLA and cost recovery and contribution actions under Section 107. 

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