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Environmental and natural resources

Allen Matkins' environmental attorneys represent residential and multifamily development entities on all environmental and natural resources issues, including the state and federal Clean Water Acts, the state and federal Clean Air Acts, the state and federal Endangered Species Acts, laws regarding preservation of cultural and historic resources, the regulation of water supplies and laws governing the cleanup of contaminated properties.

This work includes:

  • approval of Coastal Development Permits
  • compliance with the California Coastal Act
  • certifying consistency with multi species habitat plans
  • negotiation and approval of habitat conservation plans
  • approval of CWA Section 404 wetland permits
  • CWA Section 401 water quality certifications
  • Section 1602 streambed alteration agreements
  • ESA Section 10 take permits
  • CESA Section 2081 take agreements
  • compliance with ESA Section 7 consultations
  • obtaining necessary air quality permits
  • obtaining necessary NPDES permits
  • negotiation and complying with remedial action plans dealing with contaminated properties
  • compliance with CEQA and NEPA

We have established strong relationships with various local, state and federal agencies regarding each of these issues and have worked closely with other groups including Native American tribes to resolve conflicts and move projects forward.

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