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Partnership Tax

Allen Matkins' partnership tax practice provides clients with advice and representation on a wide range of transactions, including: 

  • Choice of entity issues 
  • Partnership Formation and Restructuring Issues 
  • Contributions and Distributions of Appreciated Property 
  • Granting of Profit Interests to Employees and Third Parties 
  • Exchange of Debt for Equity 
  • Redemption and Sales of Partnership and LLC Interests 
  • Syndication of Partnerships and LLCs

Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies have become the entity of choice for many business transactions due to their flexibility for tax and state law purposes. Although flexible, the taxation of such entities is one of the most complex in the Internal Revenue Code. Our tax attorneys have represented our clients in thousands of partnership transactions and have a deep understanding of the federal and state laws that govern such entities. Our tax attorneys take an integrated approach in the business and tax planning aspects of partnership transactions to achieve the goals of our clients.