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Pre-Litigation and Litigation

Our telecommunications team regularly represents telecommunications industry clients in all manner of pre-litigation and litigation issues throughout the state. Our attorneys assist clients in the full range of landlord-tenant disputes, including encroachment issues, leasing transactions, property damage claims, access concerns, signal interference and landlord consent issues related to equipment installation and co-location. The firm’s attorneys also represent clients in construction disputes stemming from the installation of rooftop facilities and other facilities and the incursion of water and mold, as well as other construction claims and liquidated damages claims related to purported delays and damage.

We work closely with our clients' property managers and asset managers to resolve disputes before they turn into costly litigation. Our pre-litigation team is able to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently by bringing knowledge of the industry and the market to the table. We pride ourselves on leaving behind a better landlord-tenant relationship than what existed prior to our involvement. Our record of success in resolving real estate disputes at an early stage and prior to litigation is unparalleled.

On the occasion where are clients are implicated in lawsuits, we bring a practical, knowledge-based approach to the table to either settle lawsuits early in the proceedings or to litigate matters to a successful resolution. Our industry litigators are well-suited and well-prepared to litigate matters throughout the state in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Our teams' record of success and prior trial experience more often than not results in capitulation by the adverse party, and great results for our clients.