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Telecommunications Infrastructure

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Real Estate Transactions

Allen Matkins represents carriers, tower companies and lease aggregators in real estate transactions of all varieties, including leases and amendments, the negotiation of easements and perpetual easements, title issues, conveyances and consents, as well as tower relocation matters, whether contractual or otherwise. Our attorneys have extensive experience in connection with all aspects of leasing related to wireless towers, rooftop sites, antennae sites and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).

While other firms work on general lease transactions from time to time, the “one size fits all” approach sometimes used by other firms for general leasing will not work with wireless tower/antenna leases. The challenges that present themselves in wireless tower/antenna leases are vastly different from the issues that arise in the negotiation and enforcement of typical office, industrial or retail transactions. The experience and knowledge that Allen Matkins brings to bear in such wireless tower/antenna deals is unique because we not only regularly represent some of the largest telecommunications companies in the nation, but we also regularly represent land owners/occupants. To address these unique challenges, we regularly advise our clients during initial lease negotiations as well as during on-going lease administration and enforcement.

Allen Matkins does more than just merely document wireless tower/antenna transactions. We strive to understand the unique challenges that each wireless communication location faces, and then help our clients maximize the potential of their investments by utilizing innovative strategies and creative solutions.

Our work includes: 

  • Structuring, negotiation and preparation of leases and amendments for wireless towers, including both traditional ground-based towers and other tower/antennae systems located on the roof of buildings or other structures, and which may include ground leases, roof-top leases or licenses as required for a given location 
  • Negotiation and preparation of DAS agreements 
  • Title review and other due diligence 
  • Assisting clients in connection with their enforcement of lease requirements 
  • Assisting clients in connection with violations and potential violations of lease obligations 
  • Full litigation support in the event our clients require litigation to resolve disputes 
  • Negotiation and preparation of easements, perpetual easements and purchase agreements 
  • Assisting clients with the purchase and sale of telecom assets

With offices throughout California, and feet on the ground in almost any jurisdiction, Allen Matkins has the local presence within the state to handle almost any real estate matter in a practical, cost-effective and efficient manner.