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Advances in Technology

Advances in technology continue to change the face of doing business in today's marketplace. Golf and tennis resorts, restaurants and other food and beverage businesses, as well as timeshare, condominium hotels, and residential club resorts, are experiencing enormous benefits from the use of e-commerce and other information technologies that are evolving on a constant basis.

Allen Matkins is at the forefront of this rapidly expanding area of law, and guides clients through the intricate maze of business planning in the online space and implementation of new technologies.

Operation software

  • Point of sale 
  • Reservations 
  • Accounting 
  • Inventory tracking and management 
  • Workforce management 
  • Client preference and personalization 
  • Efficiency solutions 
  • Consolidation, integration and centralization of operations 

Data and information collection 

  • Building and maintaining client databases 
  • Keeping client information secure 
  • Keeping credit card information secure 
  • Required disclosures 

Managing an online presence 

  • Navigating the many facets of social media 
  • Engaging in monetary transactions over the Internet 
  • Engaging in online advertising 
  • Managing your company’s website