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The complex and varied environmental issues confronting hotel, resort and hospitality project owners, developers and operators may seem overwhelming. But Allen Matkins' environmental attorneys have the expertise to efficiently navigate the myriad environmental regulations that arise during each phase of a hospitality project—from site acquisition, permitting, planning and development, to ongoing operations and facility management, to sale and site closures.

Environmental and permitting concerns impact the development of all modern projects. Whether the land is environmentally impaired or simply requires the proper zoning, Allen Matkins has extensive experience in managing all aspects of the development process, including: 

  • environmental assessments and contamination investigations 
  • environmental review under CEQA and NEPA 
  • obtaining the proper environmental permits from local, regional, state, and federal regulatory agencies, such as those needed for wetlands impacts and mitigation, endangered and threatened species, dredge and fill projects, and storm water management

We assist clients with: 

  • due diligence investigations 
  • procuring environmental insurance 
  • ensuring that the proper provisions are included in purchase, sale, leasing and financing documents to appropriately address environmental issues

Our lawyers practice in the fields of climate change, water supply, coastal development and protection, and Brownfields redevelopment. We collaboratively work with engineers and environmental consultants, as well as regulators, to creatively managing risks and remediation of soil and groundwater contamination. We assist clients on all major and emerging environmental laws, and have developed strong working relationships with key federal, state, and local agencies with jurisdiction over environmental issues. And when a problem can't be amicably resolved, our environmental litigators represent our clients in federal and state courts and in administrative proceedings before federal and state regulatory agencies. We are well-versed in recovering costs of remediation from insurers and third parties.

The unique aspects of an operating hospitality project bring additional environmental challenges. We help owners and operators comply with laws regulating: 

  • Water and air pollution 
  • Solid and hazardous waste 
  • Hazardous materials management 
  • Pesticides 
  • Proposition 65

Obtaining a water supply for golf courses, theme parks, recreation and landscaping is becoming increasingly difficult, and our environmental team has the experience to bring innovative ideas to assist with these challenges.

For more information, please see our Environmental & Natural Resources services.