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Hospitality & Leisure

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Our hospitality & leisure attorneys routinely negotiate:

  • Management franchises and other operating agreements between hotel owners and major brands or national or international operators
  • Franchise agreements between owners and franchisors
  • Amenities agreements for resort properties
  • Retail restaurant leases and licensing agreements
  • Hotel ground leases
  • Other operating agreements which are necessary to effectively and efficiently operate hotel and resort properties including subleases, landscape and maintenance agreements, service agreements, asset and management agreements

Additionally, we are experienced in drafting, negotiating and enforcing convention service agreements and facility use agreements, and in handling employment claims, processing challenges to ad valorem tax assessments and defending personal injury claims. 

We also assist clients with:

  • Procurement agreements
  • Formulation and implementation of revenue management strategies
  • Negotiation of sales, group and meeting contracts
  • All other aspects of hotel operations

Liquor license issues can have a critical effect on the establishment, management, and economics of hospitality properties because of the considerable revenue generated from food and beverage operations. Our team of attorneys is not only thoroughly familiar with all facets of the permitting process, including obtaining security interests, application and qualifying principals on the application, and license transference, but also includes some of the most sought-after counsel in California regarding alcohol licensing issues.

Representative Matters