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Land Use & Development

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Project Management

Allen Matkins’ land use attorneys collaborate with our clients to manage the development process and development team.

In addition to our expertise in all phases of the legal real estate process (including finance, acquisition, land use approvals, construction, maintenance and operations), we support clients in coordinating and managing a variety of disciplines to help ensure that clients maximize their bottom line and complete their project objectives on time and under budget.

We assist clients in: 

  • Overall project management 
    • Preparing a project pro forma and development schedule 
    • Identifying and interviewing consultants 
    • Overseeing every element of the development process, including design, entitlement and construction 
    • Monitoring 
    • Troubleshooting 
    • Reporting 
  • Project financing 
  • Government and media relations 
  • Design and engineering 
  • Community relations and engagement

We can draw from our in-house experts to deal with a broad range of development challenges, including environmental, historic preservation or any other novel issue. We also bring our relationships with major consultants to bear in order to reduce overall consulting fees.