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Infrastructure development and public finance

Increasingly, residential and multifamily real estate projects require the financing, development and construction of a wide variety of infrastructure such as sewers, storm drains and sidewalks. For master-master planned communities this can also include streets, parks, schools, police stations and more. In some instances, real estate projects may also involve financing remediation prior to construction.  Our finance attorneys are well versed in representing developers and municipalities in connection with public finance issues involving community facility districts (“CFD”), assessment districts, tax increment financing districts and the like. We advise in the financing of infrastructure for residential and multifamily real estate projects and master-planned communities as well as the environmental clean-up costs of a contaminated real estate project site.  

We frequently advise clients on:

  • CFD and assessment district formation issues
  • bond refunding issues
  • tax increment financing (TIF)
  • HUD Section 108 issues
  • Urban Development Action Grant program (UDAG)
  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
  • Economic Development Initiative or Community Empowerment Fund (EDI/CEF)
  • Brownfields Economic Development Initiative (BEDI)
  • HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME)

Because of our vast knowledge and experience in the residential and multifamily industry, we are uniquely qualified to help our clients deal with the government and administrative agencies overseeing these subsidies and in navigating the complex and often lengthy process.